Our recommendations for investors

Our team recommends the following to investors, even if it is not us who construct the building, as our advice can help them avoid a lot of costs and problems down the road.

  • If there is a brick wall partition planned in your building or between your buildings for the purpose of limiting fire zones, ask your implementer and designer to consider the alternative of using stone wool panels. We were able to save time and money for several partners while maintaining the same level of fire protection.
  • Verify the quality of the material on the plans with the implementer for the materials to be installed, especially for mounting structures and facings. Many contractors save money on the thickness of the metal layer of the sandwich panel (0.4 mm instead of 0.5 mm), or the quality of the face mounting purlins, thus achieving a lower price. The quality of the purlins is S 350 GD according to the current EUROCODE designer standard in force, but we see S 320 GD quality sections installed in many places, which will not be able to withstand extreme stress from snow in the winter, and the customer does not understand why the sections bend down in the winter.
  • When installing the flashing edge elements, the water-tight design for the crest cover, foot and window coverings should be such that it prevents moisture from entering the building without an insulation material, and the contractor should not base the guarantee on insulations that are applied subsequently. We have seen cases where the contractor dimensioned the given element to a small cross-section, and we were called to repair the situation at the site. When we discovered the error and changed the element – meaning that the customer had to pay twice for the same job to two companies – the problem was eliminated.
  • The trough channels and nodes should be set up without a heat bridge, otherwise the subsequent repair of the cause of the condensation is much more time-consuming and difficult than correct implementation.

We can given further recommendations once we receive information about your project, and after we have examined the plans and the construction site.

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