Jozsef Orha try to get a Guinness Record, in fastest crossing from Las Palmas to Antigua, so our this boat is a very light weight and fast boat.

The ship is designed by Gabor Rakonczay, who rowed the Atlantic Ocean two times and he has years of experience in boat building. The „Spartan” has the latest techniques and equipmentis and this is Gabor’s best boat. Many of the features are offer guaranteed boat speed improvement others make life onboard more comfortable.

We used epoxy with foam cores, to make it a light but strong and fast ship. It can carry a lot of food, because the light of the ship is very low. It has three different solar panels, to make energy easy. The steering is easy to take on and off, or repair, and it has a good turning capabilites.

The boat is fully tested systems and safety features with warranty. It has vinyl graphics just to be nice.

Boat weight : 150 kg
Length: 6.9 m
Width: 1,65 m
Safety and communication:
-Yellow Brick GPS , GPS, second GPS, AIS system, passive radar reflector,
-IRIDIUM GO, Iridium Extreme
-Laptop, camera, VHF radio
-watermaker (automata), watermaker (manually)