Our company successfully submitted an application for the GINOP-1.2.1-14-2014-00079 tender to procure metal structure manufacturing equipment. The investment (HUF 53 million) enabled us to obtained modern machinery.

These machines are the following:

-Weldi-MIG 522 SW type, consumable-electrode, water-cooled CO2 welding machine (5 units).
The machines have a broad application area within welding processes for thin, medium and thick materials. They ensure a reliable performance over extended, continuous use.

-BOMAR INDIVIDUAL 620.460 DGANC CNC band saw machine (1 unit) The procurement of the band saw machine resolved the lack of automated programmability and the lack of a wide application area. The saw machine is operational 98% of the time, and it allows for a 70% increase in efficiency compared to conventional machines.
-MILWAUKEE MDE42 magnetic drill stands (3 units) The drilling machines are needed for the boring of the sawed off section steel. Screw connections account for 99% of the assembly of the structures; section steel boring is essential.

-DOH-6 edge-bending machine (1 unit) The edge-bending machine is essential for metal structure manufacturing. This machine can bend the flat sheet elements as necessary. The machine can bend elements in a 6-metre length, and thus it is able to bend the commercial sheet boards in one, no splicing is required.
-WIWA Phoenix 11032 spray pump (1 unit)
-C 10 LDR-500 type screw compressor (1 unit) The paint sprayer needs high-pressure, clean, dry air; this made the procurement of the C 10 LDR-500 screw compressor necessary.


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