Bar dimensions: 100 – 400 mm

Quality: S350 GD Coating: Z 275/Z 400

Drilling and length tolerance: +/- 1.0 mm

Length: 1 m – 15 m Thickness: 1.5 mm – 4 mm

Documentation: ‘CE’ mark certificate according to EN 1090-2, quality certificate 3.1, Declaration of conformity

Drilling: round and oval holes, on request.

Our options:
Thanks to our technology, our company not only rolls standard elements, but also customized dimensions up to: e.g. Z 225 x 45/35 mm , if you require.
Our products can also be ordered with pre-annealed edges, so that corrosion of the product will never occur.
We can drill holes anywhere on the profile, even on different parts of the upper and lower leaves.
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