Individually bent elements (cornices, furrows, etc.)

We can supply individually bent elements, 0.4 mm – 2-4 mm thick, in lengths of up to 7.2 m, in aluminium, steel and a wide range of colours.

Recent equipment purchases have significantly increased the capacity of our bending machines, which means we can fulfil orders within the specified timeframe. We don’t have to worry about stock shortages, if you are pressed for time, we can produce your special bent element – in small quantities – within 24 hours.

Plate splitting and custom sized slab elements

We undertake splitting and slabbing of 5 tonne rolls to individual sizes with mm precision.

Boards with coloured and galvanised surface

We can also customise the length and width of the panels to suit the customer’s requirements in a wide range of coloured aluminium. They are also available in the same colours as the guttering and with a natural finish. In the building industry, it can be a solution to many problems thanks to its excellent quality, as we can produce seam sheet roofing, facade cladding, decorative coverings, and edging elements.

Omclad homlokzati rendszer

  • modern megjelenés
  • választható fugatávolság
  • stabil szerkezet, rejtett rögzítésekkel
  • bel- és kültéri alkalmazás egyaránt
  • széles felhasználási terület (lakó- és iroda épületek, csarnokok burkolása, stb.)



Our rolling line can even be used to seam and cut to size the sheet metal you bring in, so you can just do the installation on site.

Ask for our offer for contract work from brought material!